How To Become A Coach

Coaching is a field that involves hard work, diligence, and a bit of endurance, and for becoming a coach one needs to understand the various elements and aspects of the field. One who dreams of becoming a coach must have surely asked themselves how to become a coach and in order to find the answer one must know the basics of the profession and the fundamental attributes that one should possess for becoming a successful coach. But first before jumping into how to become a coach one must understand what coaching exactly deals with.



Who is a Coach?

A coach is person who guides and directs others in different spheres of their life. Although as soon as you hear the word 'coach' you think of a person whose specializes in helping one learn and play a sport or a game, the word coach could also mean a professional or an expert who gives advice and makes one prepare for a specific thing or purpose. So the word coach should not be kept limited only to the sports world.

What is coaching?

A dance instructor or a swimming trainer can be considered a coach who instructs students in learning and becoming an expert in the respective fields. There are coaches who advise and guide people in their business matters. So as you can see coaching is a very vast field and is not limited to sports field only. But the thing that is common among all types of coaches is that they possess expertise in providing training, guidance, assistance, and direction in various or particular field and there has always been a coach behind a successful person.

Requirements for becoming a good coach

For becoming a coach in any field one must possess certain qualities and personality traits that will help him in becoming a superior coach. Below given are some qualities and virtues that one must possess within himself for becoming a coach and be successful in the field.

  • Personality: Personality is an important aspect of a coach. Character and temperament plays a great role as the learner who is in training under the coach will try to follow him in a great deal and manner. So a coach must possess a flamboyant personality so that the learners do not hesitate in interacting with the coach in a healthy manner.
  • Good communicator: A coach must be a good communicator and should try to communicate with their clients skilfully on an emotional level. A coach must try to understand his disciple from within through good communication so that he can work accordingly with strategic planning for the successful output of his student.
  • Sincere: Sincerity and dedication to work is of utter importance. A learner is as good as his teacher and by being a sincere and a dedicated coach on can improve the quality of his followers thus helping them to be successful in the pursuit of their goals.
  • Discipline: Discipline is the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. A coach should be disciplined and should know the perfect timing for executing different types of training program to their learners so as to groom them in the right way and make them habituated to the new conditions.
  • Commanding: A coach should be commanding so that students taking training under him can follow instructions obediently and work as directed. Without the commanding attitude of the coach, learners will not take the coach seriously and hence the flow of knowledge, skills and expertise from the coach to the learner will be hampered.
  • Physically strong: A coach should be physically strong and fit. People who are looking forward to coach people that involve physical activities like sports, dancing, gymnastics, etc. must be physically fit and healthy.
  • Experience: Experience is the most important factor in coaching. A person without exposure or expert knowledge of his field will surely not be able to educate another person. He should possess the necessary skills and expertise in the field in which he decides to provide coaching. Education also plays an important role in the business of coaching and one must be highly educated and perhaps join coaching classes to acquire the skills in order to become the perfect coach.
  • Reliability: A coach should be reliable on whom learners can depend on. Learners must have complete faith in their coach and to attain that a coach must be reliable and dependable. A healthy coach and client relation depends on reliability and trust and without those both the coach and the learner will face disappointment.

By following the above points and nurturing those qualities in oneself, one can become a successful coach and help in training people in their respecitve fields.

For becoming a sports and atheletic coach, one must have a professional experience in the field. For instance a tennis coach must possess experience in playing tennis for a considerable period so that he/she understands the basics of the game. Experience achieved by participating in the activity helps a coach to teach their students about various factors of the game and how they can improve their performance. There are also some coaching classes and courses in which a sports coach can get training about the science of body fitness, mental and psychological balancing and strengthening, and allied sports science.

There are even business and life coaches who provide coaching in the respective fields and train people in various fields. Experience is the most important asset of a coach and the greater the experience in a specific field, the more the potential for becoming a better coach.


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