How To Become An Artist

​Becoming an artist requires special efforts to facilitate the proper coordination of the mind and the body, to explore and transcend various ideas and philosophies. You need to realize your true potential to explore the unknown, so as to discover and acquire true knowledge that is bound to help you progress internally as well as in terms of profession. You need to prepare yourself to travel beyond your surface senses and see beyond commonplace imaginations. Penetrating your outer senses to explore your deeper desires will reveal your true interests and capabilities.


Grasping the essence of art

In order to become an artist, you must clearly understand and grasp the true meaning of art. It is essential that you see art through a universal perspective, rather than try and understand its nature using the interpretation of ordinary people within the society or unique perspectives of your own. Art is the expression of a transcendental vision that has the potential to evolve human minds and drive them towards a new level of thought and realization. The essence of art as a profession lies beyond the sensory concepts of passion, leisure, or entertainment. A real artist is a person whose works exhibit the expressions of true knowledge and universal wisdom. The works of a true artist express the justification of universal judgments, and does not in any manner showcase the artist's own opinions and perspectives.

Cogitating on the above lines will help you realize the amount of erroneous information that has been spread by many personalities within the art industry, either deliberately or unknowingly, causing the degradation of the profession, while contributing to the delusional perceptions about art across the world.

Fine arts

Fine arts form a significant channel for the expression of randomness in an enticing manner, creative enough to inspire and elucidate the audiences. Fine arts are the result of one's capability to sustain a transcendental vision in his mind. While exploring your inner space beyond the ordinary senses of the mind, with a widened receptiveness, you are bound to encounter a number of intriguing visualizations, which you must make a habit of sustaining, so that you can explore more of it.

Education: There are several educational institutions that provide coaching and training for fine arts, the duration of the academic courses ranging from 1 to 3 years. The basic requirements laid down by the governing bodies indicate that you must have graduated high school. However, there are many institutions in the private sector, which offer short term as well as long term courses on fine arts.

You are bound to find several institutions, where they conduct coaching classes and practices for the following:

  • Painting
  • Conceptual arts
  • Film production
  • Sculpting
  • Calligraphy
  • Creative architecture
  • Photography
  • Assemblage and collage

Performing arts

Performing arts, as we see it today, is an art involving the mind-body regulation, which comprises of moral, social, cultural, spiritual, and moral principles and stagecraft, portraying the balance, harmony, and rhythm. Besides being a pleasure for the audio-visual senses, performing arts is another path to discovering your true potential, while encouraging others to do so. You can explore your skills in dancing, comedy, acting, music, singing or even gymnastics, martial arts, acrobatics, marching arts, synchronized swimming, figure skating, pantomime etc.

Education: You are sure to find a plethora of institutions and universities that offer short term as well as long term courses on performing arts such as music and studio arts, theatre arts, stage arts etc. These courses not only develop your skills in performance, but also provide a great channel for entering the arts industry. You are bound to find several institutions offering various courses on the following:

  • Art History and Film Studies
  • Art History and Studio Art
  • Computation Arts
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Electroacoustic Studies
  • Film Production
  • Integrative Music Studies
  • Theatre Performance
  • Digital Technologies in Design Art Practice
  • Music Therapy
  • Film and Moving Image Studies
  • Creative Practices in Technical Production for Live Performance


If you are exceptionally creative in the expression of anything that possesses more than ordinary significance through written communication, then you should consider exploring your writing skills to share your opinions and imaginations creatively with the audiences. Literature is the best way to utilize your freedom of speech and use the power of media to get your voices out to the people around the world.

Education: Literature as a career is one of the most satisfying fields of profession. Being a professional in the field of literature gives you the opportunity to shower your creativity all over the world, with your works marking the seamless communication with humanity. Studying literature is bound to bring you ample of opportunities to explore the following sectors:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Non-fictional content
  • Essay writing
  • Narrative content

Discovering the artist within

We all are born artists, possessing the innate ability to transcend and assimilate. We are merely required to open ourselves up and explore our true capabilities, progressing towards becoming more creative with every discovery. Becoming an artist is what every individual should envision, for it keeps us restless till we attain a state of balance and contentment, while being in direct connection with the immaterial forces of nature.

Artistry is our innate ability to express pure intellectuality. Exploring the deepest desires of our inner being, which is concerned only with pure intentions, will give rise to an ability to sustain our vision, while finding innovative and creative means to express the beautiful, the benevolent, the ugly, the sublime, the Divine, the abstract and the cosmic.




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